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Gaya B
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"Who do you want to be when you grow up?" – this question is heard by all children. I always answered: "an architect"? At that time, I didn't fully understand what it exactly meant, but my imagination was already designing buildings, places, spaces in my mind; I considered the world around me in the small town as insufficiently "beautiful."

I didn't become an architect, but the process of designing, creating, accompanies me all the time.

Some time ago, a "handbag" appeared on my path.

A small 3D object, like a house with its "inhabitants."

Then the appropriate school: Institut Jeanne Toussaint in Brussels under the patronage of the well-known Belgian luxury leather goods brand Delvaux, where under the guidance of masters not only from Delvaux but also from such workshops as the famous Louis Vuitton or Hermès, I gained knowledge and experience to realize my own projects.

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and the drawing department I completed proved to be very useful in creating and designing my handbags.

And here I am. Grażyna Gaya Barcikowska. Here, on this page.

And on it - a few selected implementations of leather goods projects and drawings.

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